Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Whats Happening - 2018E


Work continues on the new Barungwarra boat ramp car park.

© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2019 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.
Tuesday 30 October 2018 - The Top section of the car park is now completed. The old path is fenced off. Contractors have placed a fence between our mulch pile and the shed. The riverside footpath is also fenced off.                                                                                         More earthmoving machinery has arrived  Wednesday 31st October -  Most of the old footpath has been removed Signage is lying on the ground    The new road is under5 construction. This area was where we hosted the St Paul’s Grade 2 Students                                                                                                                           The new footpath begins to take shape  A grader has arrived                                                                                      Incredibly, that Scout Orienteering course peg is still standing. The wheel of the                                                                                                                                                       grader missed it by inches. Barungwarra is currently, a construction site
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