Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Blog - 2019

Next meeting date: 7.00 am Saturday 18th Ocober at Barungwarra Bushland Reserve

Previous Meetings

Saturday December 21st 2019 -We had our annual christmas party at the park. Our departing councillor, Amanda Cooper and our incomming Councilor, Sandy Landers attended. November Saturday 16th Nevember - Our monthly working bee. Thursday 7th Novenber - Bush Tekniq joint meeting - Bushies and Sandbag. October Saturday 19th October, 2019 - our monthly working bee. Septenber Saturday, September 25th - Watering recently planted beds Saturday, September 19th - Training with Bushtekniq - Tree identification. Thursday, September 19th - Training with Bushtekniq - Tree identification Thursday, September 19th - St.Paul’s School visit - Koala Corridor - see ‘Whats Happening’. Monday, September 16th - Watering recently planted beds Sunday, September 8th - Watering recently planted beds August 17th August - monthly work meeting at the reserve. Weeding and general maintenance. Watering was also carried out by Bob and Glen on several occassions. July 20th July 2019 - our monthly working morning at Barungwarra. Owing to the dry conditiond, Bob and Glen made several early morning visits to the park to water newly planted shrubs. We have also had Sandbag Trainees at the site, weeding, planting and Mulching. We are very grateful for their assistance. June Tuesday 25th June - another visit from Bush Tekniq for more weed eradication. 22nd June - our monthly working bee - we replaced several recently planted shrubs and weeded several beds. Friday 21st June 2019 - another visit from Tali and Johno from Bush Tekniq to work on week eradication. Tuesdau 11th June 2019 - we met with Tali and Johno from Bush Tekniq and the Sandbsg Crew for a demonstration of Steam Weeding. May 18th May 2019 - our monthly working morning at the reserve. we concentrated on weeding and removal of some fallen trees. 15th May, 2019 - we met with Amanda Cooper at her office at Bracken follow up on outstanding matters after completion of the new car patk. Agenda and Minuites available if required. Saturday 27th April 2019 - We had a visit by State Member for Aspley - Bart Mellish and federal candidate Corrinne Mulholland who provided support for our efforts by helping to spread mulch in the enlarged tree beds. We also had 2 new helpers, Gary Griffith and his son, Liam. who came along to our regular monthly meeting. Friday April 5th - Whilst checking on progress with the fenced off areas we spotted this little fellow sunning himself on a log near the river. 16th March - we worked on weed removal and general maintenance of the beds. 12th March. Jenny requested te delivery of mulch to various area in the reserve. The mulch will be dumped near the marked off areas. We will liaise with Sandbag staff to have the trainees spread the mulch in the areas between the separate beds 16th February - Jenny Leask from Habitat Brisbane attended. We walked around the site and identified areas where the beds could be combined to make larger beds. Jenny also identified an area of marine couch and this area will be marked off to prevent mowing and allow natural growth. All these areas were marked with white paint. Jenny will arrange Habitat staff th fence off the areas and erect regeneration signs . 2nd February - Glen and Bob visited the park to check on the grass poisoning. There is still a large amount of grass on the new bed. The park looks very dry as you can see in this picture of the Railway bed. Thursday 31st January - We met at Bob;s house for our 2019 Planning meeting. Subjects discussed included the Dog Off Leash area and the discovery of Koala skats, Adrian Caneris’ suggestions including making the tree beds larger, Bruce Highway wildlife fencing and park signage. In attendance were Left side - Gordon, Russell, Helen . Far end - Jenny, Bob. Right side - Trish, Glen, Von. Near end - Narelle Thursday 18th January - we worked on poisoning the grass which is coming up in the new bed near the open area. Russell watered th new pants. The new car park is completed and in operation
© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.