Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Blog - 2017

Previous Meetings

Monday 18th December - Wednesday 20th December 2017. We spent 1-1/2 hours each morning moving mulch to the wandering Jew problem area. We started at 6.00 am but found that by 7.30, it was too hot to continue working. Saturday 16th December 2017 we held the Bushes Christmas Party near the shed at Barungwarra Reserve. All Bushies attended as did Federal MP Luke Howarth and State MP Tracy Davies. We even gained a new family who will be helping us out in future. Tuerday 13th December 2017.we worked for a hour moving mulch fron the stockpile to the area which the Sandbag trainees recently cleared of Wandering Jew, increacing the depth from 5 cm to 30 cm’s. Wandering Jew was beginng to reappear and the extra thickness of mulch wae required to keep it in check. Monday 12th December 2017. The Port-a-loo has been delivered and placed in the area which we prepared, but unfortunately, there was a tree root under one corner and the other three corners are on soft ground. Consequently, the Port-a loo is leaning towards and almost touching the shed. We used car jacks to level it up and then slid a sleeper beneath the opposire side to the tree root. It’s much improved now. At least occupants will not feel like they are inside the famous leaning tower. Satuirday 18th November, 2017 we worked on removing vines fron severl treet. We checked the newer plants and watered as needed. We cleared an are for the port - loo next to the shed. Tuesday 25th October 2017 The trainees from Sandbag visited us to assist with weeding and mulching - See What’s Happening 2017 Saturday 21st October Bushies was postponed owing to poor weather. Tuesday 10th October 2017 Trainees from Sandbag visited us to assist with weeding and mulshing - See What’s Happening 2017. In the photo, Brisbane Habitat officer Jenny Leask is briefing the trainees on the proposed tasks. Saturday 16th September - The park is very dry so we worked on watering many of the beds. We used the new hoses provided by Habitat Brisbane. Saturday 19th August - We met at the reserve and worked on weed and vine removal. Saturday 15th August 2017 - More work on the removal of vines from the beds near the Spoon Drain. Thursday 6th July 2017 - We met with teachers from St Paul’s School, to discuss the South Pine riverbank and future school projects which may involve our Bushies. This was followed by our usual coffee morning at the Ahoy café in Bald Hills. Saturday 17th June, 2017 - We worked on the removal of vines in the western flower beds. Sunday 21st May 2017 - Habitat Brisbane Orientation day at Kenmore, attended by 6 members See What’s Happening 2017 for more information.. Saturday 20th May - We checked areas at the western end of the park fir reported additional areas which had been mowed. (Checking later, we heard that there were some worries from walkers that the long grass next to thee footpath could harbour snakes. We also removed the green protective shrouds from the more nature trees and clear5ed some vines from the Railway Bed Wednesday 26th April - Bald Hills Bushies were accepted into Brisbane City Council Habitat Brisbane programme. Saturday 15th April - We met on Easter Saturday and worked on removing the vines which are attacking the trees in one of the beds. Saturday 18th March - Bushies met at the reserve and worked on weed removal and watering. Tuesday 4th March - 75 grade 2 Students visited us from St Paul’s School. The purpose was for them to learn about the history of the Barungwarra reserve and the origins of Bald Hills Bushies. See What’s Happening 2017 for more details. We also visited St Paul’s School and handed over several trays of plants to Tim Weal. Saturday 18th February - Bushies met at the reserve to continue weeding and watering Wednesday 15th February - we met with Erin Casablanca, teacher at St Paul’s School to discuss our Bushies involvement it the Grade 2 Community Awareness. Monday 13th February - we met with Tim Weal from St Paul’s to discuss the new Green house and Bush house Saturday 20th January 2016 - We had to cancel this meeting owing to the extreemly hot conditions Monday 17th January - We met with Jenny Leske at the reserve to discuss weed control. We also discussed becoming members of Brisbane Habitat.
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