Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Blog - 2023

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© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.
Saturday 19th August - Scouts from Bald Hills Scout attended as part of their environmental badge. See more details in What’s Happening 2023 Saturday 15th July - we finished spreading mulch over the Bushies tree bed and Started work on clearing and mulching the adjoining bed, near where the Mulch had been dumped. Saturday 17th June - 20 Sq Meters of mulch has been delivered so we worked on spreading this out over the Bushies Shed area as this is now relatively free from weeds. Saturday 20th May - we continued clearing the large infestation of Comilina (Wandering Jew) around the bushies shed. Saturday 15th April - We had a major push on the removal of Madeira Vine which has been invading several of our tree beds. We also worked on the wandering Jew around the Bushies Shed bed. Saturday 18th March - we cancelled the March meeting as many of our members were unavailable. Saturday 18th February. More weeding and clearing. Habitat Brisbane produced a map to share the weeding load with some commercial operators and Habitat staff,

Saturday 21st January - Our usual tasks of weeding the beds around the Bushies Shed.

There were 2 other important activities in January:

We completed a survey of the Norfolk and Bunya pine trees in Barungwarra Drive. See ‘What’s Happening for

more details.

We produced a report concerning some proposed change to the access to our car park following the

development of the old Hymix Site.

Both these reports were forwarded to the TMR gateway upgrade team for perusal