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Blog - 2018

Next meeting date: 7.00 am Saturday 20th October at Barungwarra Bushland Reserve

Previous Meetings

Saturday 15 December - we held our Christmas party at the BBQ area, Ruthworth street as Barungwarra is currently inaccessible because of the car poark works. Thursday 6th December - we participated in a Walk Through of the area with Environmental Engineer Adrian Caneris from BAAM and Jenny Leask from Habitat Brisbane. Adrian gave us advice on combining smaller bed to encourage birds who prefer denser tree growth. He also recommended adding log piles so that small creatures had better areas to live. Jenny recommended that we plant mounding vines to provide cover for small animals. Our Walk Through included the Dog Off Leash Area and the Scar Tree. Whilst in this area Adrian identified Koala Skats beneath a large tree, which were less than 1 month old. This is evidence that Koalas are in the area. Saturday 17th November - our monthly working meeting trying to work around the temporary fencing installed by BCC work crew, whilst constructing the new carpark. Trish levelled out some mulch mounds left by the Sandbag trainees . Helen and Wanita removed green sleeves from some maturing shrubs Glen, Russell and Bob removed some grass growing in the recently laid mulch. Thursday 18th October - Sandbag have almost complexly cleared the mulch deposited by the contractors on Monday - See What’s Happening 2018C Wednesday 17th October - Sandbag Trainees have been busy and mover a large portion of the mulck to the Shed bed - see What’s Happening 2018B Tuesday 16th October - The new footpath route has been surveyed. See What’s Happening 2018B Monday 15th October Glen and Bob visited the car park area as the contractors arrived to commence clearing the trees. We net the environmental consultant who will be overseeing the clearing operation. See What’s Happening 2018 Saturday 13th October. Advice has been received that work will start on the new car park on Monday. John raised concerns about a bush turkey mound which is in the area to be cleared for the new car park. Representatives from Brisbane City Council attended and called in the council environmentalist. We have since learned that the mound has been declared out of bounds until any eggs have been hatched and the chicks have left the nest. Saturday 15th September Glen and Russell worked on extending the Scouts Garden bed (see interactive map and Zone Maps) The beds need to be extended so that we can ensure the survival of some eucalyptus trees which have grown naturally in the area where mulch was previously dumped. Saturday 18th August- Monthly working meeting at the park Tuesday 14th August. Russell, Bob, Glen and Helen visited St Paul’s at the invitation on Charles do discuss the School’s plans for the creation of a Koala Corridor through the St Paul’s grounds from the riverbank to Attunga Street. Saturday 21st July - Monthly working meeting at the park Saturday 16th June- Monthly working meeting at the park Saturday 19th May- Monthly working meeting at the park Saturday 21st April - Helen, Von and Juanita and Nacelle worked on the beds near the car park. Russell, Glen and Bob went on a Vine destroying mission to cut down and poison invasive vines in the beds near the footpath. We found many vines engulfing trees in these beds including one which had destroyed 3 trees. another, shown in the photo to the right, had a massive base and was well established in the host tree. Late March - We had many visits from Sandbag trainees who worked on clearing weeds from the beds, mulching and planting. Bald Hills Bushies are very grateful for the support we receive from Sandbag. Saturday 17th March - Our members worked on vine Removal in the beds near the car park. Bed one will be removed when the new car park is constructed so we also moved all plants which were movable to other beds . Some larger plants and trees were too big to move. We also spent time tidying up the area where mulch had been previously dumped. A large percentage of the mulch has been moved to the beds, thanks to the efforts of the Sandbag trainees. Wednesday 28th February - we had a meeting with Councillor Amanda Cooper regarding the latest plan for the car park. Bushies to review the plan and get back to Amanda later. - See Car Park page. Tuesday 20th February - Helen, Glen and Bob had a meeting with Brett Mellish, our new state member. After introducing ourselves, we discussed the new car park and agreed to send Brett a letter outlining our concerns. Tuesday 20th February - Helen, Glen, Russell and Bob hosted Erin Casablanca and the Grade 2‘ers from St Paul’s school. They arrived at 9.30 and stayed for about 40 minutes. Helen gave a general introduction and then the students took a short walk around the gardens in small groups with Bushies. The theme for the visit was "change" - in our case how the area has changed from a barren mining site to its present green appearance. The walk should take between 10 to 15 minutes. The children then returned to sit under the pergola for a brief explanation of Aboriginal life in the area and a description of a coolamon. They then walked to the scar treefor a brief explanatuon before returning to school Saturday 17th February - Our monthly work day at the park. John, Bob and Russell moved mulch into the bed near the mulch piles. Glen cleared Wandering Jew from the same bed, whilst Helen and Juanta removed vines from the bed near the car park. Wednesday 14th February, 2018 We met with Supervisor Ken and the Sandbag Trainees at the reserve. Friday 9th February 2018. Glen and Bob Started at 6.00 am and moved Mulch to Area 1 until 7.30. Then we moved on to Shed Maintenance, adding storage pegs for he smaller tools. We then marked all tools with the words ‘Bald Hills Bushies’ as a security measure. On the outside of the shed we installed several Video surveillance signs and a sign to advise that no power tools are stored in the shed. Thursday 25th January, 2018. Glen and Bob arrived on site at 5.30 am. Worked on upgrading the storage racks in the shed. We now have hanging space for most of the tools and also the hoses. Helen came along and carried out a survey to establish how many trees will be lost iof the Blan 2 car Park gies ahead.. We left ar 9.30 Tuesday 23th January, 2018. We attended a meeting with BCC engineers regarding the proposed boat ramp car pak upgrade. Saturday 20th January, 2018. As it is currently very hot, we started at 6.00 am and continued increasing the mulch depth on the Sandbag area. It is also very dry so Helen and Russle spent the period watering the most recently planted shrubs.
© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.
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