Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Garden Beds

River side bed 2 - This bed run along the river Bank Northern side and consists mainly of tea trees.

Zone 5

Sandbag Garden Bed -Thanks Sandbag for helping us with this, the first bed you worked on.

Zone 2

Zone 3

Middle Garden Bed -Between the shed and the riverside footpath.

Possum Garden Bed - Near the shed, We installed Possum boxes in this area.

Bushies Shed Garden Bed - Area surrounding our shed.

Scout Garden Bed -Area worked on by youth members of Bald Hills Scout Troop.

Footpath Beds - Run along the riverside footpath, southern side.

Spoondrain Beds 1 and 2 - Run along the eastern side of the Spoon Drain.

Marine Geass Area - area closed to mowing in 2019 to allow the marine grass to grow naturally.

Spoon drain Bed 3 - Run along the western side of the Spoon Drain.

Army Garden Bed 1 -Mulching this bed was a project of returned servicemen. However, with the combining

of beds, this area is now incorporates into the Vines bed.

Vines Garden Bed - Bushies current project is to combimmmmmne these betd to creat one large bed, to provide

a habitat area for small creatures who prefer to hide in the center of larger beds.

Zone 4

River side Bed 3 - This bed runs along the river Bank on the northersn side of the footpath.

Stan’s Seat area - Near the footpath, this area contains Stan’s seat, Stan’s Tree and several other small creatures

Zone 6

Almost all of zone 6 is swamp land. This area ajoins Canterbury Park.

Garden Bed Names

Bed names are base on their origin or some event or group who have made a contribution towards the development

of the bed. There are some beds which have not been allocated names. The names help us to identify the areas we

plan to work on and also act as recognition of those outside our group who have contributed to the development

of the reserve.

It is noted and acknowledged that students from St Paul’s School have worked on the following garden beds: Turkey

Garden Bed, Railway Garden Bed, Scouts Garden Bed.

Zone 1

Zones 2 to 6


Zone 2 is located centrally in the park to the north of the Bushies shed. Zone 3 is located around the Bushies

Shed towards St Martin’s Place footpath. Zone 4 is th srea between the spoon drain and the Marine Grass area.

Zone 5 includes Stans Seat area and the marine grass area. ZOe 4 is the western area of the park and includes

the swamp.

Zones 1 to 6 are in the riverside area of Barungwarra Reserve. The reserve extends to the edge of the Gympie Arterial road.

The area between the Gympie Arterial road and Barungwarra Drive have not yet been zoned. This area contains the dog

off leash area and the Scar Tree

Garden Beds


Zone 1 is located in the riverside area of

Barungwarra Reserve on the eastern side,

next to the car park

Adjoining Zones

Zones 2 and 3

Turkey Garden bed - This bed was lost when the

car park was redeveloped

Latitude -27°18'11.57"S (Approx centre)

Longitude - 153° 0'45.18"E

Railway Garden Bed - So named because the

QR contractors provided the original soil in lieu

of the area they cleared to construct the new car

park to the south of Bald Hills Station.

Roadside Garden Beds - 5 small beds - A to E

-These beds run between the in and out roads of

the car park.

Rushworth St Garden Bed -Ajoins the private

properties in Rushworth Street which back on

to the reserve.

Latitude - 27°18'11.23"S

Longitude - 153° 0'40.05"E

Adjoining Zones

Zons 1

Zone Maps

© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.