Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

What’s Happening - 2020

© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.

New signs at the reserve.

Brisbane City Council has now replaced our old and damaged sign near the car park with this brand new sign. It’s the same design as the old one but has our group’s name displayed, which was missing from the old one.

Mullock Heap attacked.

After many years of sitting near the Scouts tree bed, the Mulluck Heap is no more. Glen and Bob removed most of the old vegetation on Tuesday 11th August and the rest of the bushies helped to relocate the remaining soil at the Saturday working bee on 15th August. The remaining soil has been used to slightly extend the Scout tree bed.
BCC has also added the story sign to the Stan’s Way sign. This is the same as the original sign which was removed during the process of building the new car park . Sadly, the BCC signwriters where not the only ones active in the park, Some Graffiti artists defaced the other Stan\s way sign and also Stan’s seat for good measure. What a shame these vandals couldn’t spend some tine helping us with the weeding at the reserve

TMR Announnce plans to widen the Bruce Highway alongside Barungwarra reserve.

A notification posted to local residents gives details ot the propoal to upgrade the Gympie Arterial Road alongside Baringwarra Drive and the Barungwarra Bushland Reserve as well as sections of the Bruce Highway and the Gateway motorway. Details are available here. Bald Hills Bushies have asked to be included in any future publicity and information which the TMR releases regarding the project. We have advised on our interests in how the project will effect the Scar Tree and also requested inclusion of wildlife fencing along the side of our reserve

Bushies celebrate International Coffee Day at the Ahoy Cafe, Bald Hills.

Our monthly coffee morning at the Ahoy Coffee Shop at Bald Hills coincided with the 2020 International Coffee Day. Bushies wasted no time in joining in the celebrations with Coffees all round. We were joined at the Coffee Shop by Sandy Launders, Councillor for Bracken Ridge Ward, and Amanda Cooper., LNP Candidate for Aspley. Back Row, Narelle Woodward, Juanita Irwin, Helen Bartlett, Amanda Cooper, John Stopford (Seated). Front Row, Russell Campbell Glen Tuckett, Bob Clifford, Sandy Launders (Standing).
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