Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

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Scouts from Bald Hills Scout Troop helped the Bushies as part of their community service goal. Images 5 and 6 Workers from the Holcim gravel works helped Bushies spread the soil donated by Holcim. The soil was used to extend the ‘Railway’ garden bed The Railway bed was constructed by Queensland Railways as compensation for the removal of trees when the new car park was constructed on the south side of Bald Hills Railway station. Images 7 to 9 Bushies spread mulch provided by Brisbane City Council on the Railway flower bed extension. Images 10 to 12 The riverside cycle track has been named ‘Stan’s Way’ by the City Council in honour of Stan Jaggers who was a long term member of Bald Hills Bushies The sign has been erected to explain the significance of the pathway and reads as follows:. Stan Jaggers was a resident of Bald Hills and was an active member of the Bald Hills Bushies. He looked forward to the Bushies monthly Meetings and to working alongside the other members to restore the old quarry site. After each meeting he would take a quiet walk along this pathway through the reserve and along the river to observe and enjoy the wildlife, particularly the birds. Now known as the Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, the area has one of the most diverse bird life habitats in Brisbane, thanks to the dedication of Stan and his fellow Bushies. Stan passed away following his 90th Birthday in 2007 and will be remembers for his quiet enjoyment of nature and his love of the land.” The First of these pictures shows the sign which is half way along the path. The second picture shows the park bench and tree which was planted by councillor Carol Cashman at a ceremony of dedication. The third picture shows a similar sign at the start of the pathway.

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© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2020 Tree beds are referenced by the name used by busties to identify them. Names and locations of these beds are indicated on the maps.