Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane
© B. Clifford for Bald Hills Bushies 2013

What’s Happening

Hello There!

Bald Hills Bushies meets on the third Saturday of each month at 7.00 am at the Barungwarra Bushland Reserve. Our next meeting is on Saturday 17th January 2015. We are usually finished by 9.00 AM so that it does not impact on our other personal committments. Our menbers also meet socially at the Bold Cafe, Bald Hills Road, Bald Hills on the first thursday of each month.

Tree Planting Ceremony

On Saturday 15th November 2015 We were expecting a visit from State Member, Luke Howarth but unfortunately, he was held up at a previous engagement and was unable to make it. He contacted us later and promised to catch up at a later date. We had prepared a tree planting ceromony but since Luke was unable to make it, in true Aussie style, we improvised. It just so happemed that we had a Chimese Exchange Student visiting us that day so we asked him to do the honours. Tony Liu is currently studing at St Pauls School but will be attending Brisbane Grammer  next year so he has agreed to pay us a visit and check out the future growth of his tree.

St Pauls School visit Bald Hills Bushies

On 16th October, students from St Pauls Anglican School visited Bald Hills Bushies at the Barungwarra Bushland Reserve. The visit was connected with their Round Square programme which aims to inspire students throughout the world so that their generation will strive for new levels of co-operation, communication and understanding. You can read about the St Pauls involvement here. By visiting our group, the students participated in one aspect of the programme which involved community service. During the visit we explained how our group started and the work which we have been doing in the area. Students then helped us with our current project which is spreading mulch in the beds near the shed.  Students also visited our scar tree and were advised of it’s significance. After the event, several St Paul’s students organised a fund raising project and raised $130 for our group.