Bald Hills Bushies
Barungwarra Bushland Reserve, Bald Hills, Brisbane

Blog - 2020

Next meeting date: 7.00 am Saturday 19th September at Barungwarra Bushland Reserve

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Saturday August 15th 2020 -We had our monthly working bee and cleared the remains of the mullock heap near the Scouts bed by using it to extend the bed. Jenny Leask from Habitat Brisbane attended and we discussed future operations and stratagies. Whilst walking through the park we noticed a pair of Paciific Baza birds and as we moved on, they appeared to be following us. We guessed that they were seeking some protection from the Indian Myna birds who were trying to scare them off.. Tuesday 11th August 2020. Glen and Bob removed most on the contents of the large mullock heap neat the Scouts bed, to the nudgee recycling centre. This has been sitting there for up to 3 years and out attempts to recycle it into the beds have been thwarded by the continual adding of new weeds to the top. Also, it was coverev and surrounded with weeds because we have been unable to work on it during the coronovirus lockdown. Saturday 18th July 2020. Our monthly working Bee. We planted some additional trees and shrubs provided by Helen and Mick. Saturday 20th June. 2020. Our first meeting after the Coronovirus shufdown and with nowork done at the park, the area is now grossly overrun with weede. We worked on the Ralway bed, clearing cobblers pegs. March to May 2020 We were unable to meet at the park because of coronovirus restrictions. February15th 2020. the monthlt workin bee. We planted some additional shrubs and cleared madera vine from the beds. .
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